Shopify’s 2nd Case Study on Young & Reckless

4. Collaborating with Celebrities and Influencers: Young & Reckless

Young & Reckless started out as a wholesale brand. Then, four years ago, the massively popular clothing label decided to sell directly to consumers online. Its secret to success has been to build up a massive audience via social media, which accounts for half of all its ecommerce traffic.

Young & Reckless uses Instagram to showcase its style and connect with customers through celebrity and influencer collaborations — leading to a 3X return on ad spend.

Young & Reckless celebrity influencers

Young & Reckless has also expanded its ecommerce sales channels by offering customers native shopping opportunities on Facebook:

Finally, the company is also “tripling down” on YouTube because “people go there to be engaged, whereas it’s more passive on Instagram and Facebook,” says Nate Harvey, ecommerce director at Young & Reckless.
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