Article: A Better Lemonade Stand – Young & Reckless

Most Successful Shopify Stores #37: Young & Reckless

Young and Reckless Shopify Stores

Why They’re Successful: Poised to break the $10-$12 million mark this year.

Starting as a wholesale line stocked in brick-and-mortar stores like PacSun, Macy’s and Dillard’s, Young & Reckless eventually evolved into ecommerce to grow their brand even further.

“The industry has changed so much that now ecommerce isn’t just the actual building and coding of a site… It’s merchandising, it’s digital advertising, it’s social marketing and social media, customer service and handling warehouse issues.” -Nate Harvey, Young & Reckless’ Ecommerce Director

The founder of the brand is a well-known skateboarder who started the brand when he was featured in MTV shows, so the brand wasn’t totally unknown when they started, but they’ve used the growth of social media in the last few years to boost their brand to new audiences, and are on track to see their annual online revenue to double year-over-year.


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